Pollock: A Frequency Parable is an avant-operatic sound performance piece that infuses the inspired quotes of Jackson  Pollock with experimental vocal techniques, abstracted projection, and multi-prismal lighting.


By vocally re-conceptualizing key elements used in Pollock's revolutionary style of art making such as: energy, motion, scale, improvisation, and tone, a challenge is presented to both the performer and the audience to free the voice from the confines of language, allowing it to transcend tradition and be experienced for it's potential - Modern Art. 


The creator of this piece, Matthew Marcum, is an interdisciplinary performance artist that infuses text, sound, movement, and optics to create contemporary theatre productions, live art exhibitions, and conceptual installations. Mixing extended vocal techniques with an eclectic musical soundtrack, Pollock: A Frequency Parable gives a new meaning to the term "expressionist".


This piece has a run time of 30 minutes and includes music, video projection, and theatrical lighting. Content is appropriate for all audiences.

The Unconventional Empire is a critically acclaimed, and award winning multi-platform creative agency and production company. Founded on the principles of conceptual collaboration and community engagement by Creative Director Matthew Marcum and Production Manager Shannon J. Spencer, it acts as an incubator for big ideas and a launching pad for unique artistic endeavors. The Unconventional Empire has successfully produced 7 nationally recognized stage shows, 2 touring productions, 5 Albums, 1 book, and a string of successful live event showcases. Select titles include: The Guardian: I am Edward Snowden, Surreal Estate, Noted, Bathing Suit, The Existential Emporium, Pollock: A Frequency Parable, and most recently Hymns & Oscillations.